A warm welcome to Temnitzpark – the right place to find powerful industrial and commercial spaces for success.

The Temnitzpark offers you an ideal location for your business as it is directly positioned along Autobahn 24, with driving time as little as one hour to Berlin, one and a half hours to Rostock and two hours to Hamburg. You’ll find perfect conditions for both, your trade and industrial locations at the gates of Berlin as well as enterprises with close connections to ports at the North and Baltic Seas.

Powerful commercial spaces

large and immediately
GI- and GE- commercial spaces

Energy Strategy

affordable and
sustainable / enduring
energy prices

Location advantage

exceptional location
with easy access to
the nearby motorways

Gratifying industrial diversity

Available industrial and commercial spaces

  • Construction Site 21
  • Baufeld 23
  • Baufeld 33
  • Baufeld 34.2
  • Baufeld 36
  • Baufeld 41
  • Baufeld 42
  • Baufeld 43
  • Baufeld 44
  • Baufeld 45
  • Baufeld 46
  • Baufeld 47
  • Baufeld 51
  • Baufeld 61

Voices from Temnitzpark

I am pleased about many positive voices on Temnitzpark! And I am placing my hopes on even more businesses to settle here at Temnitzpark.

Temnitzpark businesses