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The Temnitzpark offers you an ideal location for your business as it is directly positioned along the autobahn A 24, with driving time as little as one hour to Berlin, one and a half hours to Rostock and two hours to Hamburg. You’ll find perfect conditions for both, your trade and industrial settlements "at the gates of Berlin" as well as enterprises with close connections to ports at the North and Baltic Seas.

A center of competence.

Temnitzpark has long been home to highly respected and successful companies in the synthetics / chemistry, metalworking and wood working industry sectors. They produce quality products that are in demand nationally and internationally.

Wood working industry


The wood processing industry in the region is mainly dominated by medium-sized companies. They manufacture products in industrial timber construction with high precision and consistent adherence to deadlines. Due to its excellent location, the Temnitzpark offers companies short distances – for the delivery of the raw material as well as a short distance to the national and international customers

Holzwerke Bullinger
Andersson Haus und Dach GmbH


As a manufacturing industry, the metal industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Brandenburg. In the vicinity of the Temnitzpark, i.e. in the district of Ostprignitz-Ruppin, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as craft enterprises form a local metal centre. The products range from containers to special bodies for trucks to gas cylinders.
Andersson Haus und Dach GmbH

Synthetics / chemistry


Nationally and internationally active companies shape the plastics/chemical industry in the region. Products of all kinds from medical technology to playground equipment to vehicle construction – precise production and fast delivery of high-quality products made of technical plastics are the decisive factors of the companies in Temnitzpark.




A promising industry that, in addition to the classic materials glass, paper and metal, is increasingly moving into the high-tech sector and the recycling of entire machines and systems.


And much more!

Temnitzpark Luftbild

Together with the Fontanestadt Neuruppin, the city of Rheinsberg, the municipality of Fehrbellin and the district of Lindow, the Amt Temnitz promotes a strong region as “FREIRAUM Ruppiner Land“. We combine our expertise from business, tourism and culture into an efficient business location. A region with cohesion that combines a very good location and infrastructure with the best funding conditions. The result is the freedom of your future.

Around the Temnitzpark you will find nationally and internationally active companies in the synthetics / chemistry, metal and food industries as well as innovative structures in the health industry and tourism. In addition, the location is strongly influenced by companies in the timber and service sectors. Overall, an excellent mix of industries with mainly small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing and manufacturing sectors as well as in the service sector.

In addition to the location, the companies particularly appreciate the local conditions. A well-trained infrastructure, favourable conditions for commercial and industrial settlements as well as qualified workers enable the continuous development of the region. Currently, around 3,000 companies, some of them market-leading, with more than 20,000 employees are represented at the place of work.

Further information you can get here at the “FREIRAUM Ruppiner Land”.

An overview of all businesses in Temnitzpark can be found in the Area Plan!