A Competence Centre.

Many notable and successful businesses operating in the areas of plastics & chemicals, metal processing, and timber industry have a long and valued tradition at Temnitzpark. Their high-quality products grew in national and international demand.

The timber industry in the region is mainly characterised by medium-sized companies. They manufacture high-precision industrial timber construction products with strict adherence to deadlines. Due to its perfect location, Temnitzpark offers companies short distances for both, supply of raw materials and delivery of end products to national and international customers.


One of Europe’s the largest producers of laminated timber.

Nail plate structures for roof trusses and wood constructions of all sorts.

In the manufacturing sector, the metal industry is one of the fastest-growing branches. Around Temnitzpark area, in the Ostpregnitz-Ruppin administrative district, smaller and medium-sized companies and local crafts businesses form a local centre of excellence for metal. The product diversity ranges from containers through professional and special extensions of utility cars to gas cylinders.


Metallic containers for water treatment, air and compressed air as well as renewable energies.

One of the most powerful companies in the field of periodic inspections as well as industrial processing and filling of gas cylinders.

The plastics & chemicals sector in the area is shaped by nationally and internationally operating companies. The product diversity ranges from all sorts of medical technology through playground components to vehicle construction, and the decisive factors for Temnitzpark companies are precise manufacture and fast delivery of high-quality products made from engineering plastics.


Moulded parts of thermoset and thermoplastic for industrial purposes.

Plastic components by rotomoulding technology.

Printed circuit boards and IC-substrate industry, ultrapure chemical production

A promising branch which next to recycling of glass, paper and metal develops more and more to high-tech processing and utilisation of entire machines and installations.


Responsible for disposal in the entire district.

Temnitz administrative office advertises together with the Fontanestadt Neuruppin, the town of Rheinsberg, the municipality of Fehrbellin and the administrative office Lindow for a strong region called “FREIRAUM Ruppiner Land”. We pool our economical, touristic and cultural strengths for the benefit of a powerful business location. A cohesive region which unites perfect location and infrastructure with ideal eligibility conditions – this results for you to create scope for further innovations in your business.

Around Temnitzpark you find nationally and internationally operating companies performing in the areas of plastics & chemicals, metal processing, and food industry along with innovative structures in health economy and tourism. In addition, many companies operating in timber industry and service sector are located at Temnitzpark. Overall we have a wide variety of different enterprises mainly consisting of smaller and mid-size companies in the services, processing and manufacturing sectors.

Apart from the perfect location businesses highly value Temnitzpark’s economic environment. A well-developed infrastructure, best prerequisites for trade and industrial settlements, in addition to highly skilled workforce allow the region to continually further develop. Currently around 3000 companies, of which some are market-leading, with more than 20.000 employees are represented at Temnitzpark.

Further information concerning the economic sectors in the “Regionalen Wachstumskern Neuruppin” is found here.

An overview of all Temnitzpark companies is found in our area plan!